Why should you use ScriptPaste?

Unlike our competitors ScriptPaste will give you all features for free. We will never lock the ability for a user to create a paste behind a paywall. ScriptPaste also has a nice, sleek modern design. ScriptPaste also has limited advertisements keeping the viewer experience positive.

What cool features does ScriptPaste have?

Unlimited Pastes

Editable Links

Paste Expiration

Syntax Highlighting

Paste Privacy

Tags (Good for SEO)

Embed Pastes, Clone Pastes, Share Pastes via QR Code & More

Where do I create an account?

You can create an account here

Can I backup my pastes?

Yes! you're allowed to backup your pastes whenever you please.

Does ScriptPaste terminate my account if I don't bring many visits?

No! We will not terminate your account if you aren't bringing a lot of visits to your links. 

Does ScriptPaste moderate the type of content I post?

Sometimes. We'll only delete a link at most if it has no value or used in the chain of creating other spam links. Other than that everything is allowed.